River Update: The Ichetucknee River is at normal water level and we are open for all river activities. Midpoint Launch closes when the limit of 3000 tubers has been met, or 3pm; and Dampier’s Landing closes at 4pm. The river closes at 5pm- please plan accordingly. Reservations are now open for Midpoint Tubing and the Dampier’s Paddle- click Book Now to reserve below. Reservations for the Paddle Ichetucknee and Extended Rivers Paddle are also open.

paddling adventures


Let the gentle current of the Ichetucknee River guide you downstream as you surround yourself with the sights and sounds of nature at one of Florida’s premier places for paddling. Paddling Adventures is the only Ichetucknee Springs tube, kayak, canoe and stand up paddleboard rental facility located inside Ichetucknee Springs State Park in Florida. Paddle these crystal-clear waters downstream at your own pace with family and friends.

Choose your experience

Three trip experiences are available from the

 Ichetucknee Springs State Park South Entrance.

paddle ichetucknee

3.5 mile Experience (2 hours)
Beginning near the head spring, discover the splendor of nature paddling the Ichetucknee River. Park at the South Entrance where you will be transported by van or bus to the north canoe launch to start your trip. Paddle with the gentle current of the Ichetucknee to the south take-out point, where you will will exit and ride the open-air tram back to the south parking lot.

Reservations open. Open until limit of 100 boats has been met or 1:30pm.


Extended Rivers paddle

9 mile Experience (4-6 hours)
Designed for the experienced kayaker, enjoy an extended trip along the Ichetucknee and Santa Fe Rivers. Paddle 9 miles to the William Guy Lemmon Park (U.S. Highway 129 bridge). Offered seasonally; Canoes and Kayaks only.  

Open until limit of 100 boats from north launch has been met or 10:30am. Includes transportation to the park’s north canoe launch and pickup from William Guy Lemmon Park. Reservations open.


5.5 mile Experience (3-4 hours)
Stand-up Paddleboards, Kayaks, and Canoes available for this trip. Beginning at the South Entrance of the park, launch at Dampier’s Landing and paddle upstream. Paddle as far as you want, up to 2.75 miles, near the head spring. Then, turn around and enjoy the easy return paddle with the gentle current of the Ichetucknee. Current varies, 1-3 mph. Exit at Dampier’s Landing. Arrive by 2pm for this paddle (No daily boat limit). Reservations are available.


Paddling rentals

Open Daily from 9am to 2pm (last pick up at 4 pm)

 Rental price includes Life Vests, Paddles and Boat Shuttle Transportation. Prices do not include sales tax.

Note: Online Reservations are available and recommended on weekends.

How to Paddle at Ichetucknee Springs State Park
in Four easy steps!

  1. Park at South Entrance
  2. Choose your watercraft rental* and trip
  3. Take shuttle to starting point (for north launches)
  4. Paddle Ichetucknee River to Designated Takeout for your trip

*includes paddles and life jackets

Save time: Complete the Paddling Adventures Waiver prior to your visit to Ichetucknee Springs and bring it with you.