Tubing at Ichetucknee Springs


“Florida’s Best Tubing River!”

Travel Channel

Enjoy year-round fun and relaxation floating
down a spring-fed waterway surrounded by nature.


Choose your experience

Begin your tubing adventure at the South Entrance with one of three experiences:

Children enjoying tubing down Ichetucknee Springs


Connect with nature as you float along bright turquoise waters. This launch offers a 45-minute to one-hour trip to Dampier’s Landing or continue an additional hour to South Takeout Point. Park at South Entrance. (Open until 3p.m.)

Reservations not available May 25th-September 2nd 2019
Tubing at Ichetucknee Springs State Park


Drift beneath a canopy of trees as the grasses below sway in the gentle current of the River. Located at the South Entrance, Dampier’s Landing offers a one-hour journey down the river to South Takeout Point.

Dampier’s Landing is currently closed for renovation. Currently there are no exit for canoes, kayaks, or SUPs, you must exit at the Last Take Out at the South End.  Tubers and walkers may walk the tram road up to the Midpoint Launch, but  have to walk the nature trail back to the parking lot.
Caution: Trams  will run year round, walkers need to be aware and watchful.
Dampier's Landing Closure
Group tubing down Ichetucknee Springs

Summer Adventure

Spend three and a half hours tubing 3.5 miles from the north launch to the South Takeout Point. Park at South Entrance for in-park shuttle service* to the starting point at North Entrance. The perfect way to escape the summer heat.

Closed until Memorial Day Weekend 2020


Available Tubes

Tube and raft rentals available at the General Store located at South Entrance!

Tube price does not include tram, bus or van transportation through the park. Prices do not include sales tax.

how to tube at ichetucknee state park in 3 easy steps!

  1. Park at South Entrance
  2. Choose 1 of three tubing options
    1. North End Launch (Closed until Memorial Day Weekend 2020)
    2. Midpoint Launch (Launch open daily; Closes at 3pm)
    3. Dampier’s Landing (Closed for Renovation)
  3. Rent your tube and get transportation* from the General Store to your chosen launch point (Pre-reservations are recommended)


North End Launch: You will be transported* via shuttle to the North Entrance (purchase of shuttle wristband required). Once you have completed your tubing adventure, you will be transported by tram back to the South Entrance parking lot.

Midpoint Launch: Ride the tram (purchase of tram wristband required) to Midpoint Launch. Once you have completed your tubing adventure, you will be transported* back to the South Entrance Parking lot by tram.

Dampier’s Landing: Walk to the Dampier’s Landing launch point. Once you have completed your tubing adventure, you will be transported* by tram back to the South Entrance Parking Lot (purchase of Tram wristband required).


*Private tubes and outside tube rentals cannot be transported on the shuttle to the North Launch.