River Flood Update: As of 9/4/21 the Ichetucknee River is at Flood Stage, but we are still open for all river activities. Please be advised that tube launches are closing earlier than normal. Midpoint Launch closes when the limit of 3000 tubers has been met, or 3pm; and Dampier’s Landing closes at 4pm (for tubers) while the river is flooded. Due to slow current, tubing trip times are longer than normal. Midpoint tubing takes approximately 3 hours. Dampier’s Landing takes approximately 2 hours. We recommend all tubers take a paddle on the river. The river still closes at 6pm- please plan accordingly.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Our Goal

Cape Leisure Corporation is dedicated to providing quality recreational opportunities that promote a healthy lifestyle and strengthen the community through diverse physical, educational, and cultural programming in a manner that has the least impact upon our natural surroundings. Our overall goal is to promote the use of sustainable practices, maximize the useful life of buildings and park facilities, and enhance the natural environment.


Visitor Sustainability Guidelines

Some ways you as a visitor can help keep our parks sustainable:

Say NO to plastic

Rather than drinking out of plastic water bottles, bring a reusable water bottles.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Bring reusable bags, utensils, and Tupperware when camping or picnicking. It is estimated that one million plastic bags are consumed by people per minute!

Recycle! When entering a park or visitor center, ask about what can be recycled and where.

Do NOT Litter!!!

Absolutely do not litter when visiting any park (or outside space in general)!

Watch the wildlife. 

Focus on filling your memory card or just enjoy the show but resist the urge to feed animals—even the cute ones. We all know that feeding bears can be dangerous, but did you know that simply feeding the chipmunks can be deadly for them? Even if others are feeding the animals remember that you’re doing them a favor by not teaching them humans are sources of food, so they’ll be better prepared to fend for themselves.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “take only pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. Although this piece of advice is wonderful to keep in mind when visiting natural areas, I think we can do better. Try leaving the park or beach cleaner than it was when you arrived. Challenge yourself to pick up a few pieces of trash or recyclable material while out and about and dispose of them properly.